How do I update my Garmin maps for free

Technology advances significantly, and we with it, for that reason, we have a great line of smartwatches that adapt perfectly to our exploration adventures, especially since we can have maps of the spaces we are traveling. With the option of GPS, you can never get lost, and you will find...

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Can a metal detector detect aluminum?

Metal detectors are devices that allow us to find metals effectively, but they also can find other elements that are not ferrous. If at any time you have doubts about what a metal detector can identify and what not and among them is aluminum, this post will clarify all the...

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Top 3 metal detectors for sale - 2020 Edition

Are you in need of a new metal detector but don't know which one to buy? Have you spent hours researching which one is right for you? If the answer is yes, or even if you're just curious about the best metal detectors, then this post is for you. In...

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