Top 3 metal detectors for sale

On the market, you can find several metal detectors that are adjusted to each type of search and the end-user because it depends on your level of experience who wants to acquire more professional equipment or not.

If you want to know which ones are the most popular metal detectors, the best sellers and the ones preferred by detectorists, we have prepared a top-ranked list. We based these listings on the user experience because your opinion is always important and customer service is our priority.

Top 3 metal detectors for sale

Without waiting any longer here are the 3 most popular detectors, it was difficult to select only three detectors if these are not your favorite let us know and leave us your feedback we will read it with pleasure!

1.- Garrett GTI Pro 2500 Eagle Eye metal detector

This device includes six search modes ranging from: coins, relics hunting, jewelry, and all-metal modes. It stands out from the rest of the metal detector for searching for relics and coins thanks to Eagle Eye's multiplied depth coil that allows you to search for small targets as well as larger and deeper targets. It allows scanning from 4 to 6 meters deep. You will be able to find hidden treasures and other hidden valuables. With the Eagle Eye front coil, getting precise points from small buried treasure. And you can change the search for 2 coils to conventional pointer mode at the touch of a button.

Among other features, it has a single 7.2 kHz frequency with a total weight of 2.1 kg, it has an LCD screen that will allow you to identify everything you are looking for, thanks to its precise and discriminatory technology of the digital signal processing chip, also known by the acronym DSP, it allows you to focus on the treasure and identify the type of coin you have found if it is 25 cents or a dollar, without having to be more confused with aluminum cans or other metal objects.

Another advantage of this equipment is the search coil that is combined with a 9.5 "and 12.5" Treasure Hound search coil that combined with the graphical analyzer can have a full perspective of what you are exploring. The Eagle Eye can be used on the beach, saltwater and in the woods. More info.

2.- GER Detect Gold Hunter Geolocator Metal Detector

The Gold Hunter Detector is a long-range tracking device with German technology and intelligence, made in Germany, it is a modern, ergonomic, easy-to-use and lightweight device with accurate results for gold prospecting. 

This device can be configured in 4 languages ​​and allows a complete search for gold up to 35 meters deep, it is ideal for finding natural gold in underground mines and even gold nuggets. It also includes a search system for precious stones and diamonds.

Its LCD display gives you a complete view of what is in the search range that you can set from 500 to 2000 meters away. Its control box allows you to have everything you need in a small space and covers large areas giving results in seconds.

It has an antenna system that allows the signal to be broader by means of a spiral system that consists of two transmission circuits (transmitter and receiver) that work according to the principle of ground induction.

The device has been expertly tested to demonstrate quality in this industry before being offered to the market. Many people who are dedicated to treasure hunter and gold exploration have found this device very satisfactory because it has exact precision. More info.

3.- Minelab Vanquish 540 Metal Detector

The Minelab Vanquish 540 is a fairly inexpensive and powerful detector that every professional and rookie detectorist has rated as the easiest and most comprehensive device for treasure hunting.

The Vanquish 540 covers almost all types of searches from coins, relics, jewelry and all the detect metal you want. With a fairly precise balance of land that can be used in the place of your choice, a park, field or beach, the Vanquish 540 will accompany you at all times, since it involves difficult terrain with a total of 25 discrimination segments that provides you maximum control.

It is equipped with a 12 "waterproof coil that allows you to go to deeper places and you can see everything on the red LED-backlit LCD screen that allows you better vision in low light spaces.

It has the multi-IQ system with high sensitivity that will allow you to do a multiple search and you can even receive silver and gold. All this is made possible by the iron polarization control that is adjustable and allows to cover a wider terrain and you will know each element studied by the audio control included in the Vanquish 540.More info. 

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