MWF Gold Line Geolocator Metal Detector

MWF Gold Line Geolocator Metal Detector 

MWF has designed the Gold Line Geolocator Metal Detector a long-range device designed only for the search, detection, and recovery of gold nuggets and gold treasure through its ion system.

Gold Line Geolocator Metal Detector detects 12 meters of depth with 50 meters of distance. Ideal depth capability to find the gold nuggets that other metal detectors haven't been able to find, large treasures that have been buried for many years. The appliance has been manufactured to detect the ions that pieces of gold along with earth have developed over the years they have been in Contact Us.

Gold Line Metal Detector has been the result of trial and error for 3 years, MWF engineers are satisfied and happy with the results this accurate and reliable machine has shown. Gold Line Geolocator Metal Detector alerts to the detectorist approach and detection of target high sounds, LED lights, turns, and vibration of the device. 



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